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Volvo Fuel Injectors: How To Tune Them Up

How-to: Tuning Volvo Fuel Injectors for Maximum Performance

Volvo fuel injectors are engine components for injecting fuel into an internal-combustion engine. This system forces the liquid fuel into the combustion chamber at an appropriate point in the piston cycle as opposed to carburetors which use an air and fuel mixture on the down stroke of the pistons.

Fuel injection isn’t rocket science, but it’s a sensitive enough engine element to require tuning. Before you jump in, be aware that there are different kind of Volvo fuel injection systems. You’ll want to research your year and model for specifics, but you will find a good overview here.

Volvo Fuel Injector
Volvo Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector Cutaway: What’s Inside?

Volvo yellow injector cutaway photo showing the insides
Volvo yellow injector cutaway photo showing the insides. They’re not terribly complex devices. Photo by Michael Jingle.

Tune Your Volvo Fuel Injectors with Field-Tested Guidance From MVS

Is it possible that the smooth gaskets that are part of the injectors need replacing (they seemed fine) and if so where would I get them?

Can anyone recommend a commonly available lubricant that I could use to safely seat the injectors once I get new lower seals/gaskets as no one seems to have silicon grease?


I had QBM(Quickbrickmotorsports) send me the o-rings for the Volvo fuel injectors for $12 and they did not fit. The outside diameter was to small so the injector would fall right out of the rail. I sent them an email and never heard from them. Needless to say Im not to happy with them.

I then found an injector/carb shop and had them professionally cleaned and rebuilt. I watched the guy do it. New o-rings , pintle cap and he said he put a filter in the end.

Yellow injector with pintle cap circled
Volvo Fuel Injector with Pintle Cap Circled

Fuel Injectors: How They Work, Common Problems

fuel smell under the hood

Common source of a fuel smell under the hood is one or more failed fuel injector o-rings. While not a full rebuild, this covers most of the ground for a 1998 Volvo S70 GLT. The ideal time to do this is when you will have the intake manifold off (e.g. PCV system service) so you can remove any pintle caps/washers that might break and fall in (more below).


Fuel Injector O-Ring Replacement

Junk Injectors — Read this Before Buying Injectors

Leave well enough alone, put your original injectors back and eat the small loss in money. Those look like cheap aftermarkets.
The original injectors will last the life of the car; worried about flow, use some seafoam. Gas alone is a detergent so unless you use very poor quality gas, you are constantly cleaning them; yes the flow might fluctuate between them but unless you are drag racing it shouldn’t matter.


Oops, I Bought Junk Fuel Injectors

Leaking Gas? Replace Injector Gaskets

I seemed to have created another. Just as I celebrated my victory now my fuel injectors are now leaking gas. They seemed fine but maybe once the engine cooled whatever precarious seals existed are now gone. I removed the injectors from the rail and installed upper gaskets- the one with the notch on the inside and outside.


Reinstalling Volvo Fuel Injectors

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