P80 Ignition Switch, Root Failure Analysis

MVS Moderator and Volvo DIY fan Abscate looks closely at what fails on P80 ignition switches. If you’re having trouble starting your P80 Volvo, this shows you what is broken and what you can do to fix it. Most of us have had to replace the electrical part of our ignition switch on high mileage […]

Keep it Running: How Much Do P80 Owners Spend?

How much do P80 owners spend every year on average to keep their Volvos running? This poll has two parts: Parts cost per year,  850, S70, V70, C70 & V70-XC Forum (1992-2000) Labor cost per year,  850, S70, V70, C70 & V70-XC Forum (1992-2000) I’ll do the same thing soon for P2 Volvos, and other […]

Failed Water Pump Causes Timing Belt Failure

If you hate to see good Volvos die, look away now. Don’t click on this. Don’t read this. Go outside for a nice walk. Driving to work this morning, my timing belt broke. Chances are if you’re reading this you “get” that. It’s the Great Fear of any interference engine owner who DIYs. Possibly you […]

Improve Headlight Output with Projectors

New MVS Forums member and now MVS Contributor Darkfleet explains how he upgraded the headlights on his 1999 XC70. The DIY writeup joins a strong group of headlight upgrade and improvement tutorials and information like this one, this one, this one and this one. This writeup is tailored to his XC70, but this will work […]

More Manual Transmission Swap Tips & Tricks

MVS Contributor tryingbe goes ALL OUT doing an auto to manual transmission swap. He has outstanding information and warnings on what to buy, where to get it, and the transmission swap to do list. This Volvo forum topic joins the many others here on manual swaps. The topic was started by beigg who asked… What is […]

S60 Clutch Replacement

How hard of a job is an S60 clutch replacement? MVS Moderator abscate, and MVS Contributors tryingbe and kcodyjr go into detail on what to buy, what tools you need, and a general summary of the work involved. They give a good account of the scope and cost of replacing the clutch on a modern, front-wheel-drive Volvo (1990s-2000s).

Volvo 850 Instrument Cluster Bulbs

MVS Contributor Neil: The bulbs in the cluster have BLUE bases as opposed to the BLACK bases of the one on the link. They are both listed as different part numbers by Volvo, but both are 1.2W/12V bulbs. FCP has them listed under a different part number and when checked does not include 850 as […]

P80 Wagon hatch dimensions

MVS Contributor j-dawg: I need to load a ton of junk into my car soon, and I couldn’t find any info on the intertubes, so I measured its cargo area dimensions and put them in this picture. My car has basically no rear cargo options, eg: grocery nets, cargo bay cover, dog cage, third row […]

ECM Airflow Motor is Important

MVS Contributor oragex made a video speaking about the importance of the ECU/ECM airflow motor. ECM airflow motor is important for keeping your car’s computer cooled down as it draws air from the cabin compartment. These little motors go bad limiting the airflow but can easily be replaced! Caution

Should You Replace Shocks with Nivomat?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nivos – In general, any way…http://www.zf.com/corporate/en_de/produ … omat.shtml Advantages Safe handling thanks to constant vehicle height for all load conditions Constant axle height makes driving on bumpy surfaces safer Responsiveness does not become fuzzy under high axle loads Less driver fatigue Less wear on tires and axle Lower […]

Pin Outs On A 2000 ECC Motor Calibration

Is your Volvo’s climate control clicking from the dash when you adjust the cabin temperature? If so, it could be the blend motor. Blend motor = ECC motor = the thing that blends hot and cold air to give you that perfect 70 degrees from the vents. If Your Climate Clicks… The clicking means it’s at […]

Volvo 5-Cylinder Engine Firing Order

Get it wrong and it won’t run! Firing order and plug wire order is often wrong on google searches as well as in the Haynes manual- if anyone is searching for this information, it’s CORRECT right here on MVS! This is for 850’s and first year S/V/XC/C70’s (’98’s). Starting trouble post plug wire install