Boot Rip During Control Arm Swap

Boot Tear -

MVS Forums member gcha8e (novice/mid wrenching level) shows the results of his control arm removal effort, and the unfortunate boot tear suffered during his first ever try. Car: 2005 S60 2.5T AWD. As you can see in his video, he plans to sneakily flip the bump stop. 😉 Hello again! I finally borrowed a car […]

Old Car vs. New Parts Cost

How to balance cost with need on an old car – repairs. This is the Big Evil Meatball of car ownership IMHO.

There are so many ways to waste money on old cars I could write for weeks and not get halfway in Chapter One. In fact, we as a collective entity have done this, and we’re on Chapter two in decade two.

Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70 Control Arm Replacement

I thought for sure that we had a writeup on control arms but we sure don’t. I would like to say that it is just 3 bolts and you are done but it is never that easy. The Haynes manual is pretty good there but I guess I need to do a writeup on the next one that I change. That doesn’t help you now.

With all of the fat boiled away it really is a matter of removing three bolts, removing the control arm, and then bolting the replacement back in but there are some “Gotchas” along the way.

Performance Suspension Guide

Fast Friday Volvo Performance and Tuning

Springs support the weight of the car and are generally specified in pounds of force required to deflect (compress) the spring 1 inch, also known as spring rate. The higher the number the firmer/stiffer the spring. Springs that take a linear amount of force to deflect are called linear springs while progressive springs take less force to deflect initially and take more force to continue deflection as the spring is compressed. Progressive springs are popular with performance enthusiasts as they provide a more comfortable initial spring rate with a firmer final spring rate that keeps the vehicle more stable. A good way to think about springs is to remember that they limit how far the suspension moves, not how fast.

Driveshaft Knuckle Came Out

Q After replacing my lower control arm on the passenger side the drive shaft seems to be stuck extended too far out from the joint within the inner boot. The inner boot is extended fairly far with the bellows extended quite a bit further than the how the bellows look on the outer boot. In […]

V70 Rear Shock Replacement Tutorial

An excellent write-up for replacing rear shocks on 1993-2000 Volvo 850/V70/S70/C70. Procedure 1. Car in Park, Apply Hand Brake. Chock Front wheels! 2. Jack the Rear and place Jackstand under the subframe (where the delta control arms is attached to). Yes Jackstand under the subframe, and not under the control arms. 3. Open the trunk, […]

Suspension advice and where to buy

Do I need to upgrade front & rear suspension simultaneously? Do I need to change wheel bearings also ? (Car has 97000 miles) How important it is to change springs? Other that Shock & Springs in rear what else should I change I am looking for good comfortable ride (70% comfort, 30% handling), Which shocks/springs […]