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Volvo News & More — June 2018 Newsletter

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  • Let’s See 111 Pages of your Volvo
  • Thor’s Headlights
  • 4th Gen S60 is Here
  • 1999 XC70 Dies on Highway
  • New MVS Pages
  • Replaced Bulbs with LEDs?
  • How to Date a Part
  • 2002 Forums Flashback
  • Uber-XC90-Pedestrian Death Update
  • Atacama Interior Beauty 
  • Lemforder Quality Dipping?
  • Nostalgia for 1980s Volvos on the Rise
  • POTM
  • QOTM

Let’s See (111 Pages of) Your Volvo

Let’s See Your Volvo continues to roll on with new and old members posting photos of their Volvos… now on 111 pages!

Thor’s Headlights

Since 2015, all new Volvo models have the same headlight design… dubbed Thor’s Hammer. Here’s the story.

May the Fourth be With You

The fourth generation S60 just launched

1999 XC70 Dies on Highway

MVS Forums member MEB will soon take delivery of her 2019 XC40 — It’s a good thing, because her 102k miles 1999 XC70 just died on the highway under somewhat suspicious circumstances after catastrophic coolant loss.

New MVS Pages

Replaced Bulbs with LEDs?

Your input needed: Have you replaced a bulb with an LED bulb? Please let me know which so I can include it in a LED bulb replacement table

How to Date a Part

Get a part’s date of manufacture

Check out the MVS Volvo Forum back in 2002! 

“The early P2 cars were on Volvo dealer showroom floors. EVs were conceptual futurism, not counting the handful of mass-market vehicle electrification business failures. The Segway was set to change the way we moved around cities. “Crossover” was a term used most often in dance instruction settings.”

Uber-XC90-Pedestrian Death Update

Atacama Interior Beauty

“What is this interior? Is that an S60? What cars came with this color? Does it fit in a wagon? ..oh, fold-down back seats, maybe not.”

Lemforder Quality Dipping?

“Just sharing this, usually I am a Lemforder supporter but it seems they have some trouble with their bushing quality lately (may happen to any company, hope they come back quickly with a better product)

Perhaps too soon to be sure, but it’s good to start talking about it as most of us usually buy and recommend these control arms.”

Nostalgia for 1980s Volvos on the Rise


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“The location is France on the way up to Lac du Mont Cenis. Just next to the Italian border across which the road became narrower and pretty much winding down the side of a cliff.” MVS Forums member Rattnalle 


“The driving experiences are totally different. The 98 feels like an older car, but still has enough luxury to make it very comfortable. I feel much more connected to the mechanics on the 98. The 05 feels like the newer cars and I feel removed from it. Yeah its nice, but not the same. Some would say for the better, but not me. I also prefer the throttle response on the earlier one.” MVS Forums Contributor Clockboy

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