Set Timing Volvo B5254T3

Set Timing S40 V40

Need to set timing on a Volvo B5254T3 engine? Here’s the DIY and deep VVT (variable valve timing) explanation from MVS Volvo Forums wizards Rick and Jimmy: RickHaleParker » The reason I had the impression that there was no VVT adjustment is because there are no specific VVT alignment procedures in VIDA 2014D. However after reading […]

2002 Volvo S80 Maintenance Schedule

2002 S80 Maintenance Schedule -

Service Operation Schedule of Services 2002 S80 miles x 1000 7.5 15 22.5 30 37.5 45 52.5 60 67.5 75 82.5 90 97.5 105 112.5 120 127.5 135 142.5 150 km x 1000 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144 156 168 180 192 204 216 228 240 months 12 […]

Change Cartridge to Canister Oil Filter?

P2 S60 Oil Filter In Situ No Housing

It started innocently enough… a user asks a good question. People think. Then it rains quality Volvo discussion for a few days. MVS member azureblue » On a P2, Has anyone tried replacing the oil filter mount assembly with an older one, from a P1, so a standard canister oil filter can be used? In […]

Awful, Very Bad Terrible Engine Oil Sludge

This is the winner of the Worst Engine Oil Sludge Ever™ seen on MVS. It’s from a 5k change interval with Mobil 1 synthetic. Miles: 165K, car: 2001 Volvo S60, fresh filter with prior oil change. Owner Dave says there are no additives involved, and he’s had the car for around 30k miles. We’re scratching […]

2005 Volvo S60 2.5T Has No Oil Pressure

He Had Just Bought It… Then No Oil Pressure This is a sad tale of a buyer missing signs of a terrible engine condition when buying a used Volvo. It all started just this last Friday when new MVS Forums member aero1310 bought a blue 2005 S60 with 160,000 miles from a used car dealer: On Friday I took a […]

1999 Volvo V70 R dipstick pushing up

Dipstick pushing up, but the PCV has already been done. Dan McBoost fixed a very common Volvo P80 and P2 problem: pressure in oil pan pushes dipstick out. But first he had to cause the problem. To do that, he did his V70 R’s PCV system and replaced a whole bunch of wear items. The […]

Engine Rebuild Tutorial PDF – 1996 Volvo 850

Hydro-lock Causes Engine Failure, Which Causes Engine Rebuild The project lasted into the third week. Were I to do this again, I could do it in a week without difficulty. Maybe 3 days. MVS Forums Contributor and advanced shadetree-level mechanic  JimBee puts together a 288MB, 30-page downloadable PDF monster filled to the top with how to […]

Engine oil cooler line replacement DIY

MVS Forums Contributor Jason (jreed) blasts out a beautiful, detailed, downloadable DIY on replacing oil cooler lines on a Volvo 850. This DIY is likely applicable  for any Volvo P80 model. “The lower cooler line (lower = the one that goes to the lower inlet on the radiator) had developed a very slow leak at the […]

Parts for Rebuilding a Volvo 5 Cylinder Engine

Need to know what parts to buy for an engine rebuild? Big Will steps in and knocks this list out of the park, with many excellent tips and substantial commentary to let all us know the parts for rebuilding a Volvo 5 cylinder engine. Like Will said, this is specific to mid-late 1990s Volvo FWD/AWD […]

2001 S80 T6 Turbo Replacement DIY

MVS Forums member abdomar528 documented this Volvo S80 turbo swap with many good photos to illustrate the steps he took during his oustanding 2001 S80 T6 Turbo Replacement DIY. Here’s an example of what abdomar wrote for Step 15: “BEFORE placing the oil return line seals back into position, you want to use some silicone […]

Oil Filter Insides – I Did it for Science!

MVS Volvo Forums contributor northernlights did what you’ve always wanted to do: he cut open an oil filter. Not only that, he did it to two. After seeing countless videos of people disassembling non-Volvo oil filters, and not finding any pictures of Volvo oil filters, I decided to cut open a pair. Why only two, and […]