1998 vs. 1999 Changes & Differences

Well, what are they? MVS Forums member (hey, it’s free, why not register?) j-dawg and the rest of the crew answer this important bit of Volvo trivia. This is actually one of the more interesting bits of P80 lore, to me. No idea why. 98- cars don’t have the electronic throttle, VVT, solid lifters, as […]

Blown Heater Hose: 1998 S70 T5

I was out driving home after getting home, getting a text to pick up some cough medicine and doing so, and almost made it home. I accelerated to 50 after the person in front of me turned left and heard POP! followed by a huge trail of steam behind my car. I immediately pulled her […]

DIY: 1998 V70 ECT (Engine Coolant Temp) Sensor Replacement

So, when it is cold, the ECU injects extra fuel to start the engine. The problem is, when the ECT fails, it usually fails in “HOT” position (short-circuit inside the sensor), I have these 2 symptoms:

Aux fan runs on its own for about 6 minutes or so.
Hard start when COLD (ECU thinks it is hot and no need to inject extra fuel when it is COLD).

Head Gasket Change Parts List

You want to do the valve seals while you’re at it. This is not an overkill because they are probably nearing the end of their life cycle and will develop oil seepage (just to make you feel regretful one day that you have to redo the gasket).
On another note, have you ever overheated the engine? Even if you haven’t, the mating surfaces for the head gasket need to be planed. There is usually a reason for the gasket to fail (and not always an apparent one).

Gates Heat-Shrink Radiator Clamps

You need the clamp to get really, really hot (~300 degrees), so I’d recommend either having a REAL heat gun instead of a hairdryer, or do what I did and go make the engine really hot on some twisty roads. Once it shrunk to make a good fit, it completely stopped the dripping and the […]

How to Check Your Antifreeze Strength

Antifreeze (coolant) circulates through the engine to keep it at its ideal running temperature. It’s water-based. The problem is that if it’s pure water, it freezes at 0C or 32F, and it will literally crack your engine. Yes, freezing water is stronger than iron or aluminum metal. Thus we have antifreeze. It drastically reduces the […]

Preventing Cold Weather Problems on our Volvos

Just yesterday my 850’s side mirrors froze in place. Wouldn’t move. But that was my only complaint, and I didn’t actually spend the 40 seconds it would have taken to investigate or free them. The rest of the car worked fine, including the outside temp gauge which read “0” Fahrenheit at 2pm in Denver yesterday. […]

Volvo Coolant/Antifreeze Questions? Answers Here.

Hopefully many will read and understand the issue of using an OAT when a HOAT is needed. In the Ford motor, damage occurred quickly. This is the same reason I am always recommending a HOAT for our cars instead of an OAT like Prestone etc. If you have a turbo and you don’t use a HOAT – you are asking for it.

Just Got Back from Volvo Specialists (Denver)

…and wow do they know their stuff. Volvo Specialists are a very talented crew with a substantial amount of experience gained by working for local dealer service departments (McDonald Volvo, Rickenbaugh Volvo). I met owner Mike, manager Brett, and about five techs*, and toured the larger-than-I-thought service area. These Guys Live and Breathe Volvos I […]