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How To Change a Volvo Starter

Disconnect the battery and wires going to the starter. If air charge tube is in the way you can remove it…

A Volvo Starter uses electrical power from the engine battery.

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MVS Forum Member S70 Guy asks:

Does anyone have advice on ways to get to the starter on a 98 S70 Turbo. I saw a post about having to take out the manifold to get to the volvo starter. Is there an easier way, maybe take out the fan shroud? Ive never taken one out on this car before, any advice will be helpful.

MVS Forum Member rp850 says:

Removing the fan shroud will give you more room to get at the intake. You’ll be able to get the dipstick bracket bolt on the manifold from the top, rather than the bottom.

volvo starter

MVS Forum Member angelglo adds:

you can get the volvo starter out w/o r and r the intake. at least this is true for a 97 850. you pull it out from the right side. you have to turn it in a manner that it will fit between the fan shroud and the other stuff. i did it last month. let me know if you need more info


How To Change a Starter

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