FCP’s New(ish) Policy on Lifetime Parts

Almost four years ago I wrote a post on FCP Euro’s policy of parts lifetime warranty, which was new at the time. It was a surprise in the Volvo (and others) DIY world: return a product any number of years later when it’s worn out for a new replacement. Or return it because you don’t […]

Black Friday Volvo Parts Deals

iPD Black Friday 2016 flyer – iPD eEuroparts Black Friday 2016  flyer – eEuroparts XeMODeX Black Friday 2016  flyer – XeMODeX MySwedishParts Black Friday 2016  flyer – MySwedishParts ViVA Black Friday 2016  flyer – ViVA

Parts for Rebuilding a Volvo 5 Cylinder Engine

Need to know what parts to buy for an engine rebuild? Big Will steps in and knocks this list out of the park, with many excellent tips and substantial commentary to let all us know the parts for rebuilding a Volvo 5 cylinder engine. Like Will said, this is specific to mid-late 1990s Volvo FWD/AWD […]

Volvo Parts Black Friday Sale

SNABB UP TO 30% off! All coupons are good from Thursday 12am (11.27) though Friday at Midnight (11.28) 20% off orders over $150 use coupon code ” TGIBF20 ” 25% off orders over $500 use coupon code ” TGIBF25 ” 30% off orders over $1,000 use coupon code ” TGIBF30 ” iPD BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS […]

All Black Friday 2013 Volvo Parts Deals We Know Of

As much as it pains me to feed into the “Black Friday” consumer frenzy that has sprung up in the last few decades in North America, I want MVS readers to save money when they can. So, while grimacing, I wrote as much as I know about immediate Volvo parts discounts active in the next […]

FCP has a New Parts Return Policy

If the part did not meet your expectations send it back and we will refund you or send you a replacement. You can also order a replacement and send your original part to us afterwards, we’ll then credit you the cost of your new replacement.

Volvo Parts Deals Wrapup

New Genuine Volvo Products available at FCP – free shipping over $25 See the new eEuroparts blog – free shipping on domestic orders over $49.99 No crazy sales, but iPD has been in the game since 1963 Nice – All brake pads and rotors are 30% off at myVolvoPartsOnline.com Moose stickers (!) and good deals on Blue Box OEM […]

VolvoCountryParts – Our Newest Partner

Thanks to VolvoCountryParts for choosing MVS to get the word out about their deep catalog of OEM Volvo parts. They are the online parts store of one of the US’s largest Volvo dealer groups, and have a mastery of the parts they sell and the Volvos those parts go in.

MVS Sponsor: Permanent 10% Off for MVS Members!

VolvoWholesaleparts now offers a permanent 10% off coupon for MVS members. Whoohoo! Guess what the code is? MVS Just put “MVS” in (without the quote marks) when you check out and get 10% off your order. They carry many, many parts — both OEM Volvo “blue box” and 3rd-party/aftermarket — and have been a sponsor here […]